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Early – Late 21st Century



Space traffic control station established in Antarctica.



Android technology developed by Hyperdyne Systems.






September 10 - Weyland military engineers introduce the Storm Rifle - a weapon that can determine a target's health and physique as well as track them from over 500km away.






August 9 - Sir Peter Weyland makes good on his boast "There are other worlds than this one, and if there is no air to breathe, we will simply have to make it", when patent 11,280,599 is granted for the first fully-automated atmospheric processor.






July 27 - Weyland Corp earns patent number 12,004,556 for Method and Apparatus for a device that can initiate, monitor and terminate hypersleep. Hypersleep chambers revolutionize space travel permitting increasingly longer, more advanced missions and enabling unprecedented discovery.






May 20 - Weyland scientists discover that faster than light travel is possible, after finding an inverse relationship between velocity and the flow of time.






January 17 - The Heliades - the first FTL-capable space exploration vehicle, is introduced.






May 28th - Using the Weyland Atmospheric Processor, the first functional and breathable atmosphere is produced on planet GJ 667Cc clearing the way for further terraforming activities on other planets.






August 18th - Weyland Industries awarded government contract to build and maintain HD 85512 b Class E Correctional Unit. Prisoners from Earth and other facilities are successfully relocated, and many have since been rehabilitated into society.






January 29th - The patent for a mechanised exo-skeleton for heavy lifting and transport is granted (15,725,924). Weyland Industries subsidiary, Caterpillar develops the Power Loader for commercial application.





November 20th - As Weyland Industries expands their terraforming activities and colonial endeavors, the company is approached by the US government to begin work on the formation of a colonial peacekeeping force trained or populated by marines in the event of future conflict.




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