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July 29 - The USS Legato and the JS Shinyo Maru arrive at Acheron. The colony is decimated and the USS Sulaco is nowhere to be found. Tanaka's team quickly locates the derelict and discovers that the ship is largely intact, despite the explosion of the Atmosphere Processor. This is due to the Ilyium mountain range shielding it from the blast. They begin constructing the Origin Facility, under the guidance of site foreman Joshua Morris.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



July 29 - Alien eggs begin being loaded onto the Legato from the Origin site. While a scan for the Sulaco commences. Experiments begin under Chief Medical Officer Dr. Rumiko Jan.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game. Dr. Rumiko Jan comes from the Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual.)



July 29 - Once loaded with specimens, the Legato leaves Acheron. It is outbound for Weyland-Yutani's private labs, built into Phobos Stickney crater.


(These events come from the Aliens Colonial Marines game. The Stickney crater lab is from the canceled Aliens: Crucible game.)



July 30 - Space Command at O'Niell Station detects a mass in the Zeta 2 Reticuli system, after a check, they tagged it as the USS Sulaco. Weyland-Yutani does not want witnesses getting back to Gateway Station with any potential incriminating evidence. They are able to remotely access the Sulaco's computers and bring it to a halt near Fiorina "Fury" 161. The Legato is diverted to collect the Sulaco and bring it back to Acheron.


(These events are hinted at in the Aliens: Colonial Marines game and the Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual. Wey-Yu must have been able to remotely bring the Sulaco to a halt so the Legato could catch up with it.)



July 30 – August 8 - On its way to Fury, scientists onboard the USS Legato begin experimenting with the Aliens. They use abducted colonists for test subjects. These colonists were frozen at sign in facilities then loaded onto a ship. The colonists believed they were leaving earth and were destined for a frontier colony. Instead, Weyland-Yutani transfer their frozen bodies onto the Legato for future experiments.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



August 8 - The Legato catches up with the Sulaco, and an umbilical is attached. Weyland-Yutani's Private Military Company is sent onboard to secure the ship. The Aliens escape the labs and cause pandemonium on the Legato. Guards are placed by the umbilicus; they are to prevent the spread of the Aliens to the Sulaco. 


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



August 8 - Due to fail safe systems, set off by the Aliens, the colonists aboard the Legato begin to wake up and realize the trouble they are in. Samwell Stone an ex-marine wakes up and discovers that the ship is infested with hostile life forms. He also learns that they are attached to a military vessel the USS Sulaco. Hoping for help from the marines he begins to head for the umbilical.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



August 8 - Stone comes across Turk a fellow abducted colonist. Turk has just woken up and has been injured. Stone finds a first aid kit and bandages his wounds. They continue towards the Sulaco.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



August 8 - Along the way they rescue Lisbeth Hutchins from a corporate thug and she joins them. They make it to the umbilical and set loose facehuggers to take out the guards. Stone tries to convince Lisbeth to come with them but she remains on the Legato to find her parents.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



August 8 - With the guards gone the Aliens start using the umbilical to gain access to the Sulaco and begin transporting eggs onboard.


(These events are from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



August 8 - The Aliens locate Ripley, Newt and Hicks in the cryo-chamber, they place eggs near the tubes. A facehugger goes for Newt but it cuts itself on the glass of the cryo-tube. The injured facehugger scurries away but not before its blood burns through the floor and begins smoldering in the sub-flooring.


(The Aliens: Colonial Marines game shows the fire starting when a facehugger that is attached to Ripley is shot. This contradicts the film so I am omitting it.)



August 8 - Another egg hatches and a facehugger attaches itself to Ripley, impregnating her.



August 8 - Stone and Turk work their way through the Sulaco being careful to avoid the Weyland-Yutani PMC's. They eventually reach the cryo-chamber where a fire has broken out. Meanwhile the facehugger, sensing the fire, finishes implanting Ripley and flees. The facehugger having left the host at such an early stage causes Ripley to go into convulsions.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game. There is no fire when Stone and Turk arrive, this contradicts the events of the film. I assume that the fire takes some time to really get going so the chamber is not a raging inferno when they arrive.

Given the timeline the Facehugger would not have had its normal length of time for implantation. But I assume that the fire that had started in the chamber chased it off. It did not have time to properly stabilize the host before fleeing and that may be what caused Ripley's convulsions.)



August 8 - Stone and Turk decide to wake up Hicks since he is the senior officer. Hicks awakes to find the cryo-chamber burning. He gets out of his cryo-tube but his dog tags fall off inside. The fire prevention system in the cryo-chamber fails, alarms start going off and the cryo-tubes are set to be evacuated.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game. Hick’s dog tags are seen in Alien 3 so they must have fallen off.)



August 8 - The klaxons alert the mercenaries and they come running into the cryo-chamber to investigate.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



August 8 - Stone, Hicks and Turk are attacked by the PMC's. Turk is knocked unconscious and is thrown into Hicks's cryo-tube and sealed into it. Hicks and Stone take out the mercenaries but are unable to get their friends out of the cryo-tubes before they are loaded into the Emergency Evacuation Vehicle (EEV) unit 2650.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



August 8 - While the cryo-tubes are being loaded into the EEV a facehugger gets into the escape pod. The EEV is launched and makes its way to Fury 161.


(Since the Aliens have invaded the Sulaco and brought eggs. It would be safe to assume that the facehugger on the EEV was not special in any way it had just happened to get into the EEV before it launched.)



August 8 - Hicks and Stone make it to the armory. They gear up and decide to make an attempt at getting to a Skiff and going after their friends. Hicks discovers that his after action report never got through. He attempts to send it again but the transmission is blocked. They decide that there may be transmitter on Fury they can use.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



August 8 - Lisbeth Hutchins finds her parents; they have been killed by Aliens and PMC's. She also comes to the conclusion that she has an Alien inside her and she doesn't have long to live.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



August 8 - While Hicks and Stone are on their way to the Skiff Lisbeth informs them that she is going to blow up the Legato. Stone and Hicks rush to destroy the umbilical connecting the ships.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



August 8 - With the umbilical destroyed the two ships begin to drift apart. The surviving PMC's set the Sulaco to return to Acheron. Lisbeth turns off the Legato's coolant system and the vessel is destroyed.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



August 9 - Ripley's EEV crashes on Fury 161, an Outer Veil mineral ore refinery and men's maximum security correctional facility.



August 9 - Turk and Newt are killed in the crash and Bishop is rendered inoperative. Turk is mistaken to be Hicks due to his dog tags found in the cryo-tube. Superintendant Andrews requests Weyland-Yutani immediately evacuate Ripley. Meanwhile the facehugger stowaway on the EEV impregnates Spike, a dog belonging to Prisoner Thomas Murphy.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



August 9 - The Patna, now the closest vessel to Fury, is sent to collect Ripley and tie up loose ends.



August 9 - Hicks and Stone make it to the Skiff and begin their journey to Fiorina 161. Since the Sulaco has been accelerating to faster than light speeds, away from Fury, it will take them a couple of days to reach the planet.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



August 9 - Turk and Newt's bodies are cremated in the furnace. During the ceremony, an Alien hatches from Spike.



August 10 - The Alien attacks Prisoner Murphy in vent shaft 17 and he falls into a giant fan and is killed. 



August 10 - The Alien attacks Prisoners Boggs and Rains, while Prisoner Golic escapes. Ripley is attacked by Prisoners Junior, William, Gregor and Martin while at the prison's waste dump retrieving Bishop. Dillon intervenes preventing her from being raped. 



August 10 - Golic shows up raving about the Dragon that killed Boggs and Rains and is confined to the infirmary. Ripley reactivates Bishop who accesses the Sulaco’s flight recorder. He tells her that the Aliens were on board the Sulaco and have come with them to Fiorina 161.



August 10 - Medical Officer Johnathan Clemens is killed by the Alien, while in the infirmary with Ripley. Before Ripley can alert Andrews, he is also taken.



August 11 - A number of prisoners are killed in a fire while attempting to trap the Alien in a toxic waste disposal tank.



August 11 - As Ripley's physical condition worsens she goes to the EEV and performs a Neuroscan. She learns that an Alien Queen is gestating inside of her. The company learns of this through a short range transmission sent by the EEV that contained the scan. Since the company has not, as of yet, been able to procure an Alien Queen of their own, they are now desperate to retrieve Ripley.


(It is mentioned in the Aliens: Colonial Marines game that the company has not been able to capture or produce a Queen. All though it is never stated in the movie, the company knows that Ripley is carrying a Queen. The only way they could know this is if they got a transmission containing the Neuroscan.)



August 11 - The next attempt to kill the Alien results in all the remaining prisoners deaths, apart from prisoners Robert Morse and Leonard Dillon.



August 11 - The Patna arrives with a Special Forces unit in heavy protective gear; they hope to catch the Alien. Mr. Bishop comes along in an attempt to capture Ripley and harvest the Queen she is caring.



August 11 - Hicks and Stone land on the Fury 161 and begin looking for their friends.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



August 11 - Dillon is killed when he lures the Alien into the refinery’s lead works. Prisoner Morse dumps hot lead on the Alien, from which it escapes. Ripley turns the sprinklers on it, shattering the molten Alien into pieces.



August 11 - Hicks and Stone make it into the lower level of the furnace chamber. They arrive just in time to see Mr. Bishop  talking to a bald female prisoner. Hicks realizes all too late that the Prisoner was Ripley.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



August 11 - Michael Bishop, fails to convince Ripley to let him remove the Queen embryo. Ripley throws herself into the refinery’s furnace in order to stop Weyland-Yutani getting their hands on it. Warder Francis Aaron is shot when he attacks Mr. Bishop.



August 11 - Hicks and Stone are captured by the PMC's and taken onboard the Patna and returned to Acheron.


(These events come from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



August 11 - The Fiorina 161 facility is closed down and the sole survivor, Prisoner Morse is re-assigned.



August 12 - Colonel Wells blames Michael Bishop for the loss of the USS Sulaco and offers him his help, for a price. Not wanting any interference from the ICC or the USCM, Weyland-Yutani accepts the offer. A report is made that states that due to a catastrophic failure at the atmosphere processor, the colony and the Sulaco are all lost, there are no known survivors. The company will carry out a full investigation. There is no need for military assistance at this time. 


(Since the Colonial Marines never investigate, it can only be assumed that the company intervened to keep the derelict a secret.

The name Colonel Wells comes from the Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual.)



September 5 - The Weyland-Yutani office on Gateway learns of Carter Burke's death during the events at LV-426, as no data was recovered and Bioweapons division has the situation locked, a briefing is made to discuss all the events back to 2122.


(This comes from the Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual.)





First off much thanks to the folks at I based this timeline off of their work, it is the most accurate and thorough timeline for the Alien universe available.

Next I wish to thank the best place for an AVP fan. I got many of the screen captures from them. Thank you.

Of course thanks to all the people who have made these movies, games, and comic books.


Thanks to the Colonial Marines Technical Manual by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood for its wealth of information.

The shot of the Patna over earth comes from

Thanks to all the wonderful fans who keep this community alive.

This is by no means definitive or official, just one fans attempt at making sense of it all. I hope you enjoy it.




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