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May 16 - Fifty-seven years after the USCSS Nostromo's fateful journey to LV-426, Ripley has drifted through the core systems. The shuttlecraft Narcissus is discovered by the crew of a deep space salvage team. Ellen Ripley and the cat Jones are rescued.



June 8 - Ripley arrives at Gateway station and is placed into the hospital. She later learns of her many years in hypersleep and the death of her daughter Amanda Ripley-McClaren due to cancer.



June 10 - Captain Demian Brackett arrives at Hadley"s Hope for his first day of command.


(This comes from Aliens: River of Pain.) 



June 12 - Ripley is discharged from the hospital. Later at a board of inquiry, Ripley’s stories about the Alien are believed to be due to false memory syndrome. She is then informed by Van Leuwen that there have been colonists living on LV-426, now known as Acheron, for over twenty years.  She has her flight status revoked, and takes up residence aboard Gateway Station, working with powerloaders in the loading docks.



June 19 - Following Ripley's inquiry, Weyland-Yutani special projects director Carter Burke provides Hadley’s Hope with the co-ordinates to the derelict spacecraft. He hopes that it will result in a find that could have significant implications for the Science Division.



June 20 - Russell and Anne Jorden are sent by Al Simpson, the senior administrator of Hadley's Hope, to investigate the set of grid co-ordinates provided by Burke. The co-ordinates take them beyond the Ilyium Range. They have brought along their children, Timothy and Rebecca "Newt".



June 21 - The Jorden family discovers the derelict. It has gone unnoticed due the beacon being deactivated by the crew of the Anesidore. The Alien craft is also well sheltered from satellite surveillance by natural rock formations, as well as heavy amounts of mineral dust and volcanic ash in the atmosphere.


(The beacon becoming deactivated is from the game Alien: Isolation. The rest is from Aliens: River of Pain.) 



June 21 - Timmy and Newt are left inside the Daihotai tractor, while Russ and Anne enter the derelict by way of a gash in its hull. They find a cargo hold full of Alien eggs. Russ is attacked by a facehugger and impregnated with an Alien embryo. Anne drags his limp body out of the ship and back to the tractor.



June 21 – 22 - Once back to the tractor Anne calls in a mayday and requests immediate assistance. The colony sends a squad of marines in the heavy-crawler to retrieve the Jorden's. The Jorden family is found and rushed back to Hadley’s Hope. Russ is taken to the hospital and is put under the care of Doctor Theodora Komiskey.


(These events come from Alien: River of Pain)



June 22 - Sergeant Marvin Draper and two other marines are sent out to guard the derelict craft. A group of colonists also go out to investigate the find. They hope to find specimens and get answers to what happened to Jorden's.


(This comes from Alien: River of Pain.)



June 23 - The colonists enter the Derelict and split into two teams, they find the cargo hold, it is full of eggs. The first team goes in among the eggs to collect samples and are attacked. The second team goes in to try and rescue the first team but they are also attacked.


(These events are from Alien: River of Pain.) 



June 23 - After a few hours the facehugger comes off Russ and dies. Anne wishes to take him back to their quarters but Dr. Komiskey and Dr. Reese want him to stay for observation. Timmy and Newt are led by their friend Aaron through the air ducts to a place where they can see their father.


(These events come from the Alien: River of Pain.)



June 23 - The group of colonists that were sent to investigate the Derelict are rushed back to the colony. Thirteen people have been attacked by the facehuggers, they are taken to the infirmary.


(These events are from Alien: River of Pain.) 



June 23 - During the ensuing confusion Russ goes into convulsions and an Alien bursts from his chest. The stunned onlookers fail to capture the chestburster. Once things have calmed down Dr. Reese and Dr. Mori begin researching the aliens.


(These events are from Alien: River of Pain.) 



June 23 - The marines and about sixty colonists, break up into groups of three and begin searching the colony for the chestburster. The remaining colonists are to stay locked in their homes.


(These events are from Alien: River of Pain.) 



June 23 - After examining the victims Dr. Reese sends a report to Weyland-Yutani’s science division and then blocks all outgoing communications from the colony.


(These events are not mentioned in any source material. But we know that contact was lost with the colony before any word of the Alien could get out. This would have been at too early a stage for the Aliens to be the cause of the signal interruption. So it would follow that the most probable cause for the lost communications was due to sabotage. It would figure that Dr. Reese and Dr. Mori want no interference with their research.)



June 23 - Dr. Reese then begins attempting to remove facehugger’s from some of the colonists so he can have live specimens that have not yet implanted their embryos. A number of colonists die during the procedure, including John Marachek.


(These events are from Alien: River of Pain.) 



June 23 - Captain Brackett and his group find the first Alien in the laundry room. It has already begun to grow, it kills three people before escaping. He sends Sergeant Coughlin to stop any other chestbursters from escaping the med lab.


(These events are from Alien: River of Pain.) 



June 23 - Sgt. Coughlin arrives in medical only to find that four more chestbursters have been born. The doctors attempts to contain them failed.


(These events are from Alien: River of Pain.) 



June 25 - Administration starts moving the colonists into secure locations, but fifteen people go missing along the way. Aliens are picking them off one at a time. The colonists are taken to the newly established hive in the bowels of the atmosphere processor. The colonists are then cocooned for implantation.


(These events are from Alien: River of Pain.)



June 25 - As the next chestburster is about to be born Sgt. Coughlin moves to kill the host. The on staff doctors try to prevent him from achieving his goal. Sgt. Coughlin goes to the door to call for reinforcements. But when he opens the door there is an Alien on the other side that kills him instantly. Aliens then attack the doctors dragging them and the incubating colonists off to their hive.


(These events are from Alien: River of Pain.) 



June 26 - The colonists, fearing for their lives move to the sub-level storage area where they try to barricade themselves in for protection. Meanwhile Captain Brackett, takes a squad of marines over to the atmosphere processer, where they believe the Aliens to be nesting. Brackett's team is attacked when they stumble into the hive. Sgt. Draper and a handful of other marines flee leaving Cpt. Brackett on his own.


(This comes from Aliens: River of Pain.)



June 26 - The colonists hear gunfire beyond their barricade. They realize that some of Brackett's team have escaped the atmosphere processor and have made it back. After a heated debate the colonists decide to open the doors and let the remaining security team in. The Aliens use this opportunity to invade. A bloody last stand takes place; the Aliens slay and capture many of the colonists.


(This comes from Aliens: River of Pain.)



June 26 - Anne instructs Tim and Rebecca to use the air ducts to escape. Anne is attacked and killed by an Alien. Timmy trying to save her uses a dropped gun to fire on the Alien. Timmy is hit by gout of acid blood and dies, Newt escapes through the ducts.


(This comes from Aliens: River of Pain.)



July 3 - Fearing for their lives a group of colonists attempt to flee Hadley's Hope. Derrick Russell leads the desperate group of survivors onto the Onager. The ship cannot reach faster-than-light speeds, but it is their only option for escape.


(This comes from the comic Aliens: Fire and Stone.)



July 3 - Derrick’s group manages to escape the planet on the Onager. But unbeknownst to the crew there are Aliens in the cargo hold.


(This comes from the comic Aliens: Fire and Stone.)



July 3 - Colonial Administration realizes that all contact with the colony has been lost.



July 6 - Burke, using his connections with military officials, quickly rustles up a squad of Marines, the 2nd Battalion, 9th Regiment. Ripley reluctantly agrees to accompany them on board the USS Sulaco to investigate what has caused the loss of communication on Acheron.



July 6 - Weyland-Yutani staff uncovers evidence from the Narcissus corroborating Ripley's story. Ash, the company's synthetic on board the Nostromo, had dumped all pertinent data onto the Narcissus's onboard computer. Having underestimated the potential of what has been found Mr. Cuellar, decides to send two company crafts to Acheron.


(Ash’s uploading of the information to the Narcissus is mentioned in comic books and the recent Novel Alien: Out of the Shadows.

Given that Wey-Yu arrive after the AP explosion, it seems that the company only sends additional vessels to the site after the USS Sulaco has departed. This seems to indicates that they did not comprehend the full potential of the find. That only when Ash’s data was recovered did they realize what they had.

The name Mr. Cuellar comes from the Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual.)



July 7 - No more than twenty four hours after the departure of the USS Sulaco, Weyland-Yutani sends two of their own vessels. The USS Legato, an advanced research transport, primarily used by Weyland-Yutani for human experimentation on abducted colonists. And the JS Shinyo Maru, which is caring Weyland-Yutani mercenaries and research pods to build a make shift outpost. The mission is under the command of Seiji Tanaka.


(The company vessels had to have arrived at LV-426 only hours after the Sulaco leaves Acheron for the timeline to work. So they couldn’t have left earth much more than 24 hours after the Sulaco.

The USS Legato comes from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game. The JS Shinyo Maru and Seiji Tanaka comes from the Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual.)



July 8 or 9 - After receiving Dr. Reese's report and getting a briefing from Mr. Cuellar, Mr. Bishop decides that this discovery is too important to leave in the hands of others and decides to go to Acheron himself. The USS Patna, a Weyland-Yutani owned Conestoga class transport and the USS Resolute a research vessel, leaves earth with Michael Bishop and a platoon of researchers and mercenaries.


(The USS Resolute comes from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game.)



July 26 - The last pockets of resistance at Hadley's Hope are slowly over-run by the Aliens. For a few days Newt and Mary Coles, a fellow colonist, escape capture. They help each other to survive. Mary is eventually captured while foraging for supplies and taken to the hive for impregnation. Newt is now the sole survivor in the colony.


(These events are only hinted at in the material. It would make sense that Mary was the last to be captured since she was still alive when the Marines arrived.

The name Mary Coles is the name of the actress who portrayed the character in the film.)



July 27 - The USS Sulaco arrives in orbit around Acheron. The Marines are defrosted and begin preparing for battle.



July 27 - The marine's dropship departs the Sulaco. The dropship lands and the marines investigate Hadley's Hope.



July 27 - The colony is declared secure and Gorman, Bishop, Ripley and Burke join the marines in the main Operations center. One survivor, a catatonic girl named Rebecca Jorden, is discovered. The colonist's location in the atmosphere processer is found by PFC Hudson via their personal data transmitters.



July 27 - The marines enter the atmosphere processing station. The colonists are found inside on Sub Level 3, all dead bar one. Corporal Dietrich finds the only living colonist, Mary Coles, who begs for death before an Alien tears through her chest.



July 27 - The marines are attacked by the Aliens. Corporal Dietrich, Private Frost, Private Crowe, Private Wierzbowski, Master Sergeant Apone, and Private Drake are all killed or captured during the assault. Ripley uses the armored personnel carrier to rescue the survivors and escape the atmosphere processer. The APC is damaged in the process.



July 27 - Ripley, and Newt, along with Lieutenant Gorman, Corporal Hicks, PFC Hudson, and PFC Vasquez elect to take off and nuke the entire colony from orbit, despite Burke's protests.

While the marines are awaiting pick up from the dropship, Burke goes back into the APC and sends a message to Weyland-Yutani. The message is sent to the Sulaco where it is relayed out over its communications array. He informs the company of the decision to nuke the site and that he has a plan to impregnate a couple of hosts. The USS Legato receives the transmission but will be unable to get to Acheron in time to intervene.


(This is from the Aliens: Colonial Marines game. The only time Burke could have sent a message was after the events at the AP and before the APC was destroyed, since it had the only link to the Sulaco.)



July 27 - En route to the pickup site the dropship pilots, Corporal Ferro and PFC Spunkmeyer are killed by an Alien, and the dropship crashes, destroying the APC in the process.



July 27 - The survivors returned to the main colony on foot, where the android Bishop joins them. They seal themselves in and prepare for the inevitable Xenomorph attack. It is determined that it will take at least seventeen days for a rescue team to arrive.



July 28 - Bishop informs them that the atmosphere processing station is about to go critical, they may only have four hours. The survivors decide to send Bishop to remote pilot the second drop-ship down in order to escape.


July 28 - While Ripley and Newt sleep and the others fortify their position, Hicks begins to go through the colony logs. While he is doing this he has already started backing up files on a portable hard drive he carries with him. He also discovers ground control logs indicating that the Onager left the planet after the invasion began. 


(This comes from the comic Aliens: Field Report and is to some extent hinted at in Aliens: Stasis Interrupted, this may be the information Weyland-Yutani is torturing Hicks for.)



July 28 - Burke sets the two living facehuggers loose in the med lab where Ripley and Newt are sleeping. He is trying to get the alien specimens back to Earth by attempting to impregnate them.



July 28 - Ripley and Newt are saved by the marines. Burke is about to be executed by Hicks when the power is cut. The Aliens attack. PFC Hudson and Burke are taken during the onslaught.



July 28 - Newt leads Ripley, Hicks, Vasquez and Gorman through the colony airducts. Vasquez and Gorman are killed during the evacuation, Newt is captured and Hicks is critically wounded, but makes it to the landing field with Ripley's help.



July 28 - The second dropship from the Sulaco touches down. Ripley informs Bishop they aren't leaving. Ripley heads back into the disintegrating atmosphere processing station, rescues Newt and encounters the Alien Queen.



July 28 - Ripley and Newt get back to the dropship and escape, seconds before the station suffers a catastrophic explosion.



July 28 - The Alien Queen stows away on the dropship and attacks the group when they arrive back on the Sulaco. Bishop is torn in half. Ripley manages to battle the Queen using a powerloader and blows the Queen out of the airlock.



July 28 - While Ripley prepares Bishop and the cryotubes, Hicks wakes up and goes to record an after action report. Ripley sends Newt to check on Hicks. Hicks finishes his report, he attempts to send it but it is never received due to interference. Ripley re-bandages his wounds and helps him into his pod.


(These events are from Aliens: Colonial Marines.)




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