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Seegson purchased Sevastopol. Seegson Corporation executives arrive on Sevastopol to reenergize the station, transforming it into a cosmopolitan hub. Sometime later, the rerouting of the Sol-Thedus flight path decreases the activity on Sevastopol and the station was scheduled for decommission. The crew was gradually reduced to a skeleton crew.


(Alien: Isolation)






May 5 - Michael Bishop, the human prototype for the Bishop Model androids is born in New York, New York, UA.






October 10 - Johnathan Clemens is born in Redditch, Worchestershire, UK/EU.






February 17 - Seegson pulls funding from Gemini.






September 2 - Al Apone is born in Detroit, Michigan, UA.



September 11 - Synthetic Administration plants a mole to get Weyland-Yutani Synthetic schematics to make up for cheap products.



September 12 - Julia Jones writes "An Outpost of Progress?" article.



September 28 - Seegson begins the decommissioning of Sevastopol.



October 6 - The Marshals office requests the transport of patients from medical for the decommission.



October 8 - Doctor Kuhlman abuses the dispensary, medication runs low.



October 20 - The crew of the salvage vessel Anesidora finds the jettisoned black box from the Nostromo. They use the data it contains to find LV-426, hoping to find and salvage the Nostromo.



October 24 - The crew of the Anesidora picks up the distress/warning beacon that leads them to the Derelict. The crew deactivates the beacon and finds the cargo hold. Catherine Foster gets facehugged, they head to Sevastopol station for help.



November 11 - Capitan Henry Marlow and his crew arrive at Sevastopol on board Anesidora. He requests emergency medical attention for his wife, Catherine, who was attacked by a Facehugger. Chief Colonial Marshal Waits accepts to skip quarantine just because they have found the Nostromo flight recorder and it means a cut of the reward for the station's crew.



November 12 - Dr. Lingard makes a video log stating the parasite has done something to patient zero but she doesn't know what or what's coming next.



November 13 - Amanda Ripley is approached by Christopher Samuels, a synthetic employee of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, who informs her that the flight recorder from her mother's vanished ship, the Nostromo, has been located. The black box is being held aboard Sevastopol Station. Samuels offers Amanda the chance to join the team being sent to retrieve it, in order that she might learn what happened to her mother.



November 13 - Foster gives birth to Alien. Marlow is arrested.



November 14 -  Dr. Lindgard signs Foster's death certificate and makes the cause of death: Classified. Waits and his men start to hunt the creature. The Alien starts killing people and Seegson Corporation puts the station on sale, making sure possible buyers know nothing about the situation aboard.



November 15 - Ripley, Samuels, and Taylor, a lawyer representing Weyland-Yutani, join Captain Verlaine and her crew aboard the cargo ship Torrens and ship out for Sevastopol.



November 15 - Dr. Lingard sets up a temporary medical facility in Habitation.



November 16 - Smythe holds one last tour of Apollo, he screws up the android presentation. The disappearances begin to ramp up.



November 17 - Weyland-Yutani purchases Sevastopol, they give Apollo new operational directives, including Special Order 939. Androids begin "glitching."



November 23 - San Cristobal goes into quarantine.



November 24 - Apollo detects unverified scans in the reactor systems.



November 25 - Marshal Waits cancels all flights out of Sevastopol.



December 2 - Sinclair and Security cut off ties with the Marshals office after an incident in the Spaceflight Terminal. Existence of the Alien becomes common knowledge.



December 9 - Sinclair holes up in Habitation and loots supplies.



December 10 - The Alien begin killing and capturing the crew. The station is left largely deserted, its few remaining inhabitants are reduced to small bands of frightened, paranoid looters hoarding scavenged resources who react violently to anyone outside their group.



December 11 - The Alien sets off trap in Spaceflight Terminal, damages docks.



December 11 - The Torrens arrives at Sevastopol, Captain Verlaine finds the station damaged and communications with its occupants scrambled. Unable to dock, Ripley, Samuels and Taylor attempt to spacewalk over to the station to investigate, but their EVA line is severed by debris from an explosion and Ripley is separated from the others.



December 11 - Ripley enters Sevastopol via an airlock and finds herself unable to contact the rest of her team. Ripley encounters a man named Axel, whom she convinces to help her in exchange for a ride off the station. Axel explains the current breakdown in civil society is due to a “monster”. Axel is killed by the Alien. Terrified, Ripley flees the area.



December 11 - Ripley eventually finds the Nostromo's flight recorder, but discovers that the data it contains has been corrupted. Soon afterwards she encounters the Alien, but manages to evade the creature after witnessing its slaughter of other humans. Ripley travels to Sevastopol's communications center, hoping to re-establish long-range comms, but finds the station's Working Joe androids are hostile to this act and attempting to prevent it.



December 11 - Ripley successfully contacts Samuels, who tells her that Taylor was injured in the earlier EVA accident. Ripley goes to the station's medical facility to recover a trauma kit to treat Taylor. She is helped by Dr. Kuhlman, she must avoid the Alien, which continues to stalk her. Kuhlman is killed by the creature, but Ripley manages to locate the necessary supplies and escape.



December 11 - Upon returning to Samuels and Taylor, the group is found by Colonial Marshal Waits and his deputy Ricardo, who explain that the Alien was brought aboard the station by the crew of the Anesidora. As a result, Waits has been holding Marlow in one of the cells at the Marshal Bureau's headquarters. Ripley speaks with Marlow and learns of the events leading to the current predicament.



December 11 - Waits convinces Ripley to help him destroy the creature by luring it to a remote section of the station that can be jettisoned. Ripley reluctantly acts as the bait in the scheme, but once the Alien is contained Waits betrays her and ejects the module with her still inside. Ripley manages to fend off the Alien with a flamethrower, finds an EVA suit and performs a risky space jump back to Sevastopol.



December 11 - With the threat disposed of, the situation aboard the station appears back under control until the Working Joes abruptly begin killing the remaining inhabitants, including Waits and most of his men. In an attempt to put a stop to the slaughter, Samuels interfaces with APOLLO. Samuels is killed by APOLLO's defensive countermeasures, but not before he opens a path to APOLLO's control core. Upon communicating with the computer, Ripley discovers that APOLLO was instructed to protect the Alien at all costs. Ripley demands to know why APOLLO is continuing to follow out this directive when the Alien is no longer aboard the station. APOLLO directs her to the station's reactor core where she discovers a nest, where victims have been cocooned and used as hosts. Ripley initiates a reactor purge to destroy the nest, but multiple Aliens manage to escape the blast and flee into the station.



December 11 - Ricardo informs Ripley that Taylor, who was in fact sent to ensure the recovery of the Alien, has freed Marlow in return for the co-ordinates of the derelict on LV-426. However, Marlow has taken her hostage and fled to his ship. Ripley pursues them in a shuttle in the hopes of using the Anesidora to escape Sevastopol. On board, Marlow reveals his plans to detonate the Anesidora's fusion reactor to destroy Sevastopol. Taylor knocks Marlow unconscious and helps Ripley to prevent the reactor explosion, but they are only partially successful. Taylor is killed by an electrical overload while Ripley barely escapes as the ship explodes. The blast damages Sevastopol's gravity stabilizers and its orbit begins to decay.



December 12 - Running out of time, Ripley and Ricardo contact the Torrens for evacuation, but Ricardo is subdued by a Facehugger and Ripley is attacked by an Alien and dragged into an air duct. She awakens to find she has been cocooned but manages to escape. With the station falling apart all around her, she goes to the airlock, dons an EVA suit and releases the docking clamps securing the Torrens to Sevastopol. They escape moments before the station begins to disintegrate in KG348's atmosphere.



December 12 - Back aboard the Torrens, Ripley abruptly loses contact with Verlaine, and subsequently discovers an Alien has boarded the ship as well. The creature corners her in an airlock and prepares to kill her, but Ripley, still in her EVA suit, jettisons both herself and the Alien into space. Ripley drifts silently in space, waking as a searchlight crosses her face.






January 30 - Leonard Dillon is born in Baltimore, Maryland, UA.






March 2 - William S. Gorman is born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, UA.



Mid 22nd Century



Vast advances are made with starship travel and FTL technology.



Advances made in the area of artificial intelligence.



The Gateway Station is constructed in orbit around Earth.



Shuttlecraft Narcissus drifts un-noticed through the Core Systems.



Volcanic activity on LV-426 damages and partially buries the derelict spacecraft previously investigated by the USCSS Nostromo.






April 16 - Jeremy Cruz is born in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, UA.



December 10 - Anne Jorden is born in Los Angeles, California, UA.


(In real life the actress portraying Anne was born on Dec. 10th the year before the actor playing Russ was born.)






April 11 - Russ Jorden is born in Burbank, California, UA.






July 25 - Mark Drake is born in Austin, Texas, UA.






February 12 - Peter O'Neal is born in Newark, New Jersey, UA.



May 17 - William Hudson is born in Fort Worth, Texas, UA.






March 30 - Carter J. Burke is born in New York, New York, UA.






February 13 - Timothy Crowe is born in Surrey, England, UK/EU.



July 31 - Dwayne Hicks is born in Alliston, Alabama, UA.



November 23 - Christopher Winter is born in Pender, Nebraska, UA.






April 25 - Daniel Spunkmeyer is born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, UA.






February 4 - Jeanette Vasquez is born in Los Angeles, California, UA.



December 26 - Bella Clarison is born in Waterloo, Iowa, UA.






Weyland-Yutani knows that there was something of alien origin in the Zeta Reticuli star system, but they do not know what or where. LV-426 is chosen as the most likely location.

Colonization and terraforming begins on a moon of Calpamos designated LV-426. The moon is named Acheron. The colony is dubbed Hadley’s Hope after one of its designers.

It is a joint endeavor sponsored by the Earth Government and the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. It is overseen by the Colonial Administration and it is to adhere to the rules established by the Interstellar Commerce Commission.

The instillation is under the management of the Colonial Administrator, Al Simpson.

The colony maintains a small Marine detachment assigned by the United States Government. The Colonial Marines offer protective services to all signatories of the United Americas Pact.

Atmospheric conditions prevent them from properly mapping the topography from space.






Tientsin (Eta Bo├Âtis A III) campaign is fought by the U.S. Colonial Marines with a peak strength of 240,000 marines at the end of the campaign.


(From Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual)






Eleven people die following a fuel station explosion, when Doctor Jonathan Clemens prescribes the wrong dosage of pain killer. He is found have had impaired judgment (from alcohol and a Morphine addiction) and is sentenced to 7 years in prison on Fiorina 161 and is reduced to a class 3-C medical practitioner.


(Based around the length of Clemens sentence, when Dillon found religion and when Weyland-Yutani wanted to shut Fiorina 161 down.)






13TH of the Conestoga Class starships the USS Sulaco is constructed.


(Estimating the Sulaco is about 10 years old during Aliens (2179). Class of ship taken from Colonial Marines Technical Manual. Image from Created by Jan Rukr 2010. )



August - William Hudson enlists in the USCMC.



The Marine 70 program is established late 2169 or early 2170 with the abandonment of "triangular" system for a "Pair" or "Buddy" system, allowing more mobile and fast operations with "Faster and Meaner" teams. This changes include the use of two pair teams, one smartgun team and one rifle team, the use of the UD4-L as gunship and the introduction of the M577 APC.


(Taken from the Colonial Marines Technical Manual.)



The M41A Pulse Rifle enters into the service as the basic rifle.






November 30 - Timothy Jorden born in Panama City, Florida, UA.


(Estimating Timmy is about 2 years older than Newt. Tim was an infant when the Jordens’ arrived on LV-426. Christopher Henn was born Nov 30th.)






Jeremy Cruz is dispatched to Marine Space Force, Sol under the orders of the I.C.C.


(Marine Space Force, Sol is responsible for operations throughout the core systems, including Sol – Sol is our own solar system.)






March 15 - Dr. Theodora Komiskey delivers Rebecca Jorden aka Newt. She is the first child born on Acheron.






Weyland-Yutani scales down its work correctional facility on Fiorina 161, and reduces it to a custodial staff of 25. Johnathan Clemens finishes his sentence and stays as medical officer.


(Clemens says Dillon and the Brothers found religion about 5 years before Aliens (2179). Assumes that Weyland-Yutani wanted to shut the installation down about a year after. Also assumes that Clemens completed his sentence around the time Weyland-Yutani wanted to close the facility down.)






STARTAC introductory seminar to the USCM staff college by Colonel James Mortimer, USASF.






Peter O'Neal is recruited by the USCM.



December 23 - Amanda Ripley-McClaren dies of cancer.


(From Aliens. The date 'Deceased 12/23/xx' is given on the photo of Amanda that Burke gives to Ripley. The year is very difficult to make out, but as Aliens is set in 2179 and Amy died 2 years before, we already have the year.)






Peter O'Neal is dispatched to O’Niell Station, L-4 Earth-Lunar System.


(L-4 is one of five points that gravitational equilibrium can maintain an object in the same relative position with respect to the Earth-Moon system. O’Niell Station is located at this point.)





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