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July 13 - Samuel Elias Brett is born in Houston, Texas, UA.






United States of America celebrates its Tricentennial and issues a special commemorative patch to active members of its Space Fleet (military and commercial).






February 27 - Arthur Coblenz Dallas is born in Wolf Point, Montana, UA.






February 4- Dennis Monroe Parker is born in San Diego, California, UA.






April 20 - Gilbert Ward 'Thomas' Kane is born in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, UK/EU.






June 21 - Brett starts working as a mechanic for the family business E-Z-Fly Spacecraft Repair in Houston.






January 7 - Ellen Louise Ripley is born in Olympia, Luna, UA.






November 7 - Joan Marie Lambert is born in Ontario, Canada, UA.






January 7 - Ripley is confined to a lunar quarantine facility following an outbreak of XMB virus.



May 10 - Brett finishes up at E-Z-Fly.



May 15 - Brett begins working as a hardware specialist for Solari Energy Corp in Osaka.






December 21 - Brett's employment with Solari is terminated.






February 1 - Brett begins working for Ridton Corp.



July 16 - Brett has his employment with Ridton Corp suspended after flying high-speed cargo vehicles through the Iranistan war zone.



July 18 - Brett is checked in to Ridton Medical Facility (London) for alcoholism.



September 11 - Kane begins attending Weatherly Private School.



December 4 - Brett successfully completes treatment for alcoholism.






September 15 - Brett is assigned to deep sea vessel Ozymandias as Assistant Engineer, under Captain Ivey.






May 15 - Dallas graduates from Mercaton flight academy (Flight Status C).



Early 22nd Century



Deep space mining station established by Weyland-Yutani Corporation on the planet Thedus beyond the Outer Rim.



Space port established in the Solomon Islands.





March 11 - Dallas is assigned to the salvage vessel USCSS Snark as pilot/ navigator under Captain Van Shuyten (Flight Status B).



May 23 - Kane graduates with honors from Weatherly Private School.



September 14 - Parker begins working as a pit crew mechanic for Speedy Maxx high-speed terrafoil racing team and travelling the DAC racing circuit.



September 19 - Kane starts at Gunning Foss military school.



Circa 2101



M-Class Starcruiser Nostromo (180924609) constructed.


(Estimated that Nostromo was about 20 years old in Alien.)





The National Security Act of 2101 establishes the United States Colonial Marine Corps structure as is known, with a strength of roughly 165,000 marines.


(From Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual.)



October 21 - Brett completes his assignment on the Ozymandias.






January 18 - Brett begins attending Houston School of Astrophysics and Interstellar Engineering.






January 9 - Dallas finishes his assignment on the Snark.



January 23 - Dallas is assigned to military cargo ship UTX Ganymede as pilot, under Captain Britten.






May 30 - The Northern, Central, and Southern American continents consolidate their economic might to form one nation known as The United Americas.


(From Nostromo crew patch that read 'Flag of the United Americas - 2104 to Present'.)


May 30 - Kane graduates from Gunning Foss Military School at the top of his class.



September 4 - Kane enrols in Bryce-Watkins Medical University.



October 6 - After working for Speedy Maxx High Speed Terrafoil Racing team for four years, Parker quits due to a salary dispute.



December 4 - Dallas finishes his assignment aboard the Ganymede.






January 9 - Parker is recruited into the United Americas Outer Rim Defense Fleet as a mechanic of heavy land transports and officer shuttles (rank: Private). Stationed at Skyfire Down.



Sevastopol a remote freeport space station in orbit around the gas giant KG348 is built by Lorenz Sys/Tech Development.






Torin Prime Civil War begins in Outer Rim Territories.



June 1 - Dallas is commissioned into the United Americas Outer Rim Defense Fleet as a Lieutenant. He is stationed at Liberty Echo.



June 14 - Dallas is assigned to the fast attack ship, UAS Leviathan, as pilot (flight status A), under Major Baines.






June 14 - Parker is promoted to Corporal. Serves as chief mechanic at Skyfire Down.



August 1 - Parker is captured by J'Har rebels and imprisoned at Concentration Camp GR-161 on Torin Prime. Establishes underground black market for POWs.






February 13 - Kane is expelled from Bryce-Watkins Medical School for substance abuse, and subsequently successfully treated for drug-induced embolism and stress.



Circa February - Torin Prime Civil War ends, with the liberation of the planet.



February 17 - Dallas finishes his assignment on the Leviathan.



February 21 - Parker constructs an EEV from scrap during liberation of Torin Prime and escapes from GR-161.



February 23 - Dallas is given the Sunburst Medal of Honor and promoted to Captain.



March 1 - Dallas is given command of the troop carrier, UAS Archangel (flight status AA).



May 21 - Brett graduates from the Houston School of Astrophysics and Interstellar Engineering.



July 14 - Brett is assigned to Weyland-Yutani waste disposal vessel USCSS Corazon Oscuro as Assistant Engineer, under Captain Speight (Flight status C).



September 16 - Kane begins attending the Wellington Academy in Suffolk, UK/EU.



October 30 - Parker is honorably discharged from UAORD.



December 19 - Parker returns to Earth.






September 5 - Parker begins attending San Diego School of Astro-Engineering.



December 25 - UAS Archangel troop carrier under Captain Dallas is destroyed during a peacekeeping mission on Thedus. 15293 lives are lost.






January 3 - Dallas receives a Dishonorable Discharge from the UAORD and has his flight status revoked.



April 18 - Ripley's 16 year quarantine is lifted as she tests negative for XMB virus.






June 24 - Amanda Ripley is born.


(From Aliens. Amanda was 66 when she died in 2177. Exact date taken from the photo Ripley looks at before the inquest.)



September 15 - Ripley begins attending Evansbrook Academy.



November 10 - Brett fails a blood alcohol test.






January 9 - Brett suffers minor brain damage during a cerebral detox procedure at a Weyland-Yutani medical facility on Titan.



May 12 - Lambert graduates from New Ontario University with Masters in Astro Cartography.



May 18 - Kane graduates from Wellington Academy with a Masters of Engineering (Flight Status C)



June 1 - Lambert begins an internship at Ridton Corp in the Astro-Cartography Dept. in London/UK-EU.



September 18 - Lambert completes internship at Ridton Corp.



October 7 - Lambert marries Xander Chapman, Director of Astro-Cartography at Ridton Corp.



October 28 - Kane begins working on a UK/EU archeological dig on Konor Minor, co-supervising with Dr. Elisabeth Monygham.



October 28 - Lambert starts working as Shipping Lane Trafficator for Farside Lunar Mining at Plymouth/ Luna-UA






March 29 - Parker quits San Diego School of Astro-Engineering before completing his degree.



March 31 - Brett is released from Weyland-Yutani Medical Facility after approximately 14 months recuperation.



April 3 - Brett has his flight status restored after he passes a WY Ment/Psych/Cog-5 exam.



April 19 - Brett begins working as Assistant Engineering Tech at the Weyland-Yutani Fusion Reactor facility on Titan.



April 23 - Dallas begins serving as a smuggler on the Vidar under Captain Joshua.



October 2 - Parker begins work as a freelance mechanic/engineer for MexCorp, serving on unauthorized medicinal cargo ops.



December 13 - Parker finishes working with Mexcorp.



December 14 - Dallas begins freelance cargo hauling of hazardous materials for Weyland-Yutani (probationary flight status D).






January 7 - Parker assigned to UA Lightspeed Accelerator Threshold, Neptune.



February 5 - Lambert finishes her assignment with Farside Lunar Mining.



February 10 - Lambert divorces Xander Chapman, former Director of Astro-Cartography at Ridton Corp.



February 17 - Lambert is assigned to Red Star Line pleasure cruiser Infinity as Assistant Navigator on the Mars-Orion route (Flight status C).



May 4 - Dallas finishes freelancing for Weyland-Yutani.



June 17 - Kane marries Elisabeth Monygham.



July 21 - Dallas purchases his own ship - the Tremolino - and begins freelancing for Weyland-Yutani working transport and cargo in the Outer Rim. (Flight status C)



November 12 - Van Leuwen is born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, UA.



December 6 - Lambert ends her assignment on the Infinity.






January 29 - Lambert is assigned to Ridton Corp salvage vessel Leggatt as Navigator/Comm Officer under Captain Leigh.



April 29 - Parker completes his assignment at the UA LAT.



May 5 - Parker is assigned to Weyland-Yutani cargo vessel USCSS Otago as Assistant Engineer, under Captain Mortenson.



May 25 - Ripley graduates from Evansbrook Academy at the top of her class, showing aptitude for ethics, law and corporate affairs.



June 1 - Ripley recruited into Weyland-Yutani's Horizons Beyond Officer Training Program (Trainee flight status CC).



June 9 - Dr. Elisabeth Monygham is killed in a decompression accident on Kellerat.



October 16 - Ripley successfully negotiates an end to a hostage crisis on Weyland-Yutani shuttle craft Erebus saving 49 lives and resulting in the conviction of 8 terrorists.



December 1 - Kane has his request for reassignment approved.



December 14 - Kane assigned to UK/EU Colonial Expedition to Outer Rim Territories as mission analyst (Flight status B).






USCSS Nostromo refitted as a commercial towing vehicle.


(From Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual.)



December 21 - Ripley completes the Weyland-Yutani Horizons Beyond program with Honors.






January 2 - Ripley is assigned to the cargo vessel USCSS Kurtz as Junior Warrant Officer (Flight status BC) under Captain Archbold.



October 19 - Parker completes his assignment on the Otago.



October 27 - Parker is assigned to Weyland-Yutani cargo vessel USCSS Nonnabo as Engineer (flight status C), under Captain Keeney.



October 28 - Brett finishes his assignment on Titan.



October 29 - Kane completes his assignment in the Outer Rim (Flight status B).



November 1 - Kane is assigned to the UK/EU colonial transport HMS Sabretooth as First Officer under Captain Lai (Flight status BA).



November 3 - Brett is assigned to Weyland-Yutani cargo vessel USCSS Nonnabo as Engineering Tech, under Captain Keeney.



November 19 - Ripley's assignment on the Kurtz ends.



December 1 - Ripley is assigned to Weyland-Yutani cargo vessel USCSS Sephoria as Warrant Officer under Captain Eliot.






Ash 120/A2 android is activated.


(From Aliens. On the screen behind Ripley during the inquiry.)



March 8 - Ripley finishes her assignment on the Sephoria.



March 10 - Ripley's request for maternity leave is denied.



July 13 - Kane finishes his assignment on the Sabretooth.



March 17 - Ripley sues Weyland-Yutani.



March 18 - Weyland-Yutani suspends Ripley's salary and flight status.



August 1 - Lambert's stint on the Leggatt ends.



August 19 - Ripley has her maternity leave request approved. Her flight status is reinstated and her salary increase is approved. Details of Ripley's lawsuit are sealed under court order.



September 13 - Ripley begins maternity leave.



September 13 - Lambert marries Lordan Hussett, Executive Officer of the Ridton Corp Salvage Vessel Leggatt.



September 21 - Kane is assigned to Weyland-Yutani salvage vessel USCSS Kenamor as Executive Officer under Captain Kahn (Flight status AB).



October 11 - Lambert is assigned to Weyland-Yutani scout vessel Adowa as Navigator under Captain Paine (Flight status BC).






October 27 - Ripley finishes her maternity leave.



November 6 - Ripley is assigned to Weyland-Yutani cargo vessel USCSS Sotillo as Warrant Officer under Captain Rosendo.



December 7 - The Tremolino is decommissioned and the crew disbanded.



December 19 - Kane ends his assignment on the Kenamor.



December 19 - Lambert completes her assignment on the Adowa.






January 3 - Lambert divorces Lordan Hussett.



January 4 - Dallas is given command of USCSS Nostromo (flight status B).



January 5 - Kane and Lambert are assigned to the USCSS Nostromo as Executive Officer (Flight status A) and Navigator (Flight status B) respectively.



January 7 - USCSS Nostromo leaves the Solomons bound for Thedus.


(Estimate based on information from Alien and some guess work. When the crew were woken they were about half way home, and it was a 10 month trip from LV-426 to Earth. However they were detoured (estimating the detour to LV-426 sent them several months out of their way). Therefore we have a 32 month trip from Earth to Thedus return (approx. 16 months each way).)



July 12 - Ripley completes her assignment on the Sotillo.



August 10 - Ellen Ripley joins crew of USCSS Nostromo en route to Thedus, as Warrant Officer (Flight status B).



September 1 - Parker and Brett ends their time on the Nonnabo.



September 10 - Parker and Brett join the crew of the USCSS Nostromo en route to Thedus, as Engineer and Engineering Tech respectively.






April 2 - Harold Andrews is born in Barnsley, Yorkshire, UK/EU.



April - USCSS Nostromo arrives at Thedus and commences cargo loading.



June 12 - USCSS Nostromo leaves Thedus with 20,000,000 tonnes of mineral ore, bound for Earth. Her science officer is replaced with Ash. Captain Dallas sends a relay message received by Sevastopol Station informing them of their departure.


(From Alien. Date is from Alien DVD. From Alien Isolation.)






June 3 - USCSS Nostromo encounters what is assumed to be a distress signal emanating from the planetoid designated LV-426, in the Zeta 2 Reticuli system. The crew, under contract to Weyland-Yutani, are awakened from hypersleep to investigate the signal coming from the moon. They land and Captain Dallas, Executive Officer Kane, and Navigator Lambert investigate a derelict spacecraft that contains the fossilized remains of an unknown alien species, and thousands of xenomorph eggs. One of the xenomorph spore “facehugger” attaches itself to Kane’s face and implants an embryo in his chest.



June 4 - After approximately 20 hours on LV-426, the Nostromo takes off again, by which time the facehugger has detached from Kane. Shortly after setting course for Earth Kane awakens. During a final meal before returning to hypersleep, the embryo inside Kane hatches, killing him. The hatchling “chestburster” grows to over 7 feet tall in about 2 hours and kills Engineer’s Mate Brett, during a search for the creature.



June 4 - About 30 minutes later Captain Dallas is taken by the Alien, while trying to force it through the ship's ducts towards the airlock.



June 4 - Warrant Officer Ripley discovers that Weyland-Yutani wants the Alien specimen and the crew of the Nostromo are expendable. It is revealed Science Officer Ash is in fact a Hyperdyne Systems 120-A/2 android, who has been protecting the Alien. Chief Engineer Parker renders Ash inoperative when Ash attacks Ripley.



June 4 - Parker and Lambert are killed by the Alien whilst evacuating the Nostromo. Ripley rigs the ship to self-destruct and escapes on the shuttlecraft Narcissus with the ship’s cat Jones. The Alien also escapes on the shuttle, but Ripley manages to blow it out of the airlock, effectively killing it.


(From Alien. Timings are estimates based around the times mentioned in the film. Parker overestimated repair times at 25 hours, however the repairs weren't complete when Dallas order the ship to take off. A deleted scene estimates 1-2 hours for Brett and Parker to rig up the cattle prods. Parker mentions it would take about 20 minutes to rig up the incinerators.)



Nostromo goes missing and Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley drifts in space.



August - Beacon onboard Shuttlecraft Narcissus fails.


(From Aliens - novel.)



August - Shuttlecraft Narcissus reaches the Frontier.






USCSS Nostromo is declared missing.


(Estimate only.)




Please click "Here" to continue to the Alien Isolation Timeline.

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